Come and Join Us

We at Milentash Primary School are always looking for others to come and join our school to help grow and help our school to grow and educate our students and local community. Our next major projects and school focuses are as follows :  Higher Levels of inclusive education, traditional and vocational for all pupils (male […]


Demographic Health Survey (DHS) of 2008 shows that Port Loko is one of the most affected districts in terms of nutrition and food security. The 2011  Comprehensive Food Security and Vulnerability Analysis (CFSVA) reported 71% of Port Loko population has been food insecure. (CFSVA indicated that there are likely several causes to food insecurity: poor agricultural […]

How Our School Began

Following a documentary on a popular SLBC program ‘View Finder’ in early 2012, it reported on a school and classroom buildings in need of repair. The pupils of the Gbonko-Mayeami village in the Port Loko District needed help. The children were having classes under some mango trees in the school compound which was not conducive […]

A day at Milentash Primary School

The day in a life at Milentash Primary School. We like to encourage our pupils to learn and explore their local environment. We start by helping the pupils to settle in and give them a routine, stability and nurturing daily activities. We balance traditional learning subjects Maths, English, History etc with environmental and commercial training. […]

Our Community

While Sierra Leone‘s cash economy is predominantly male, there are more women (93.7%)in low earning and low skilled categories of service ,shops and sales workers, skilled agricultural and fishery workers and elementary occupations compared to men (83%) (DHS 2008). The analysis of labor force participation by sex confirms a higher percentage of women in crop […]