Our School

Our Projects

The local community elders generously donated land to our school for the cultivation of cash crops and environmental studies. We have planted and grown groundnuts, cassava leaves and cashew nuts. We are looking to expand our crops and rear livestock.

The construction of our Water pump
The construction of our school classrooms

Our Agriculture Projects

The Port Loko population has been food insecure for many years. CFSVA indicated that there are likely several causes to food insecurity: poor agricultural production caused by poor access to inputs, credit, storage, and transportation. This dramatically affects women  and children in Sierra Leone of which Port Loko district of no exception.

Given women’s tendency to grow food crops as opposed to cash crops and to spend income on family food, training for women, local food production and processing must be viewed as a key link in the chain to enhance nutrition and food security.

This comparative advantage is an important asset in changing peoples’ mindsets in order for them to shift from traditional farming methods to improved technology to maximize agricultural production and productivity

Please help and support us by making your own contribution to create more successes in Gbonkomayemi.

The land donated to Milentash School