A day at Milentash Primary School

The day in a life at Milentash Primary School.

We like to encourage our pupils to learn and explore their local environment. We start by helping the pupils to settle in and give them a routine, stability and nurturing daily activities.

We balance traditional learning subjects Maths, English, History etc with environmental and commercial training. We want our students to be able to provide for themselves and their families. They will also be able to contribute economically to the grotwh and development of this area of Sierra Leone

Milentash Primary School is here to serve the local children and support the local community of Gbonko-Mayeami village in the Port Loko District, Sierra Leone.

The initial main hope and target was to complete the first school construction before the rainy season began. We are looking to expand and build more facilities for the pupils and the local community can benefit from.

We are so grateful for the continued support and generosity from the local community and elders. We are excited to see how we can build and grow our school and contribution to this area of Sierra Leone.